Wellness Peer Program

The Wellness Center at Habib University aims to support the provision of educational and preventative health and wellness services on our campus. It is committed to fostering a healthy campus environment by empowering individuals to reach their full potential, make informed positive lifestyle choices, and take responsibility for self-care in order to achieve and maintain optimal levels of wellness.

  • Shameneh Majid – SDP, 2019
  • Abdul Wadood Khan – CS, 2019
  • Anushay Zehra Rashid – C&D, 2020


Wellness Peers are a key component of the wellness outreach of Habib Student Health services. Using a peer-to-peer approach, the Wellness Peers will enhance the campus wellbeing by:

  • Contributing to the larger university commitment to enhancing student mental health and wellbeing.
  • Acknowledging and supporting students and the HU community through health-conscious activities and awareness campaigns.


Primary Functions

Wellness peers are an extension of the Wellness Centre at Habib and as such are responsible for delivering some primary wellness services to the rest of the student body alongside promoting a healthy environment on campus. The general responsibilities of all the peers can be categorized into the following overarching teams.

Habib University Immediate Response Trainees (HUIRTs):
All the wellness peers are trained in providing medical aid service to any incoming patients in case of emergency. Each peer has daily one-hour rotations in the clinic where he/she is given the opportunity to learn from the paramedic the basics of prescribing medicines and attending to students’ various concerns in the absence of the attendant. All the peers are also trained in first-aid, CPR and emergency response so that in the face of emergency accidents on campus, immediate help is provided.

Events and Workshops Committee:
We have wellness themes assigned for each academic month which include emotional, intellectual, occupational, health wellness and in order to promote awareness on these significant wellness themes, we organize various interactive events throughout that month. All the wellness peers work collaboratively on planning and executing such activities to promote a healthy environment on campus. Besides the monthly events, we also occasionally organize workshops for the student body to cater to their special needs and requests. These workshops could take the form of training and seminars and be either weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. These workshops can be flexible and students are welcome to approach any of their wellness peers for proposing ideas for it.

Secondary Functions

Currently there are two specialized teams in operation with a set of well-defined responsibilities that ensure the effective functioning of wellness events and activities. Each team is managed by a minimum of two wellness peers and although the roles are pre-assigned it is always encouraged and expected that all the peers work together in planning and implementing these activities whenever required.

Outreach and Communication Team:

This team will be responsible for the following recurring tasks:

  • Introduce, encourage, and promote the use of health and well-being resources on campus including the Wellness Center, counseling services, gyms and clinic at orientations, student fairs, etc.

  • Act as an intermediary between Marketing Department and Wellness Centre for developing, organizing, and implementing all marketing activities as well as covering events on various online communication channels

  • Collaborating with other departments and student committees/clubs on campus in events that correspond to the objectives of Wellness Center.

  • Preparing and publishing both written and visual content for various social media channels.

Sports and Recreation:

The main aim of Sports and Recreation peers is to encourage physical well-being. This includes student employees and volunteers running sports clubs on campus as well as assisting with administrative and logistical issues at the fitness facilities (gym and pool). The wellness peers employed at the pool receive basic first aid training and undergo drills to help them assist the formal employees i.e. lifeguards with the pool. They will be responsible for ensuring rules at the pool especially, from attire to conduct, are followed strictly, as well as helping to ensure no accidents occur. The same peers will give time to the gym and its maintenance. For sports, we have an executive council for the various sports played as well as events organized.

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