Fee and Scholarships

HU Summer Semester Fee

Following are the important points to note about the fee of HU Summer semester 2016

  • Habib University will not charge any admission fees for HU Summer Semester.
  • Regular semester fees will be charged on a course by course basis. Fee for each course is mentioned in the table below.
  • All enrolled students will be required to pay 50% of the course fee before the commencement of the classes. Remaining 50% fee will be due by 7th July, 2016. Fee is non-refundable.
  • 3% late payment charges will be applicable.
  • Fee will be paid through fee voucher provided by HU. Fee can be paid at any branch of Habib Metropolitan Bank or at the Office of Student Finance at the University Campus.

Fee Structure

Course Name Total Course Fee for HU Summer Semester (PKR)
Calculus – II (MATH 102) PKR 75,000
Fundamentals of Riemannian Geometry and Cosmology (MATH 206) PKR 75,000
Electricity and Magnetism (PHY102) PKR 75,000
Systems Thinking ( SCI 121) PKR 100,000
What is Modernity? (CORE 102) PKR 75,000
Introduction To Theatre As An Art Form (CORE 102) PKR 75,000
Pakistan & Modern South Asia (CORE 201) PKR 75,000
Sindhi Sikhiya (SIND 101) PKR 75,000
Ghalib and Indo-Persian Poetics (URDU 121) PKR 75,000
Basic Farsi (FARS 101) PKR 75,000
Documentary Filmmaking (CSD 147) PKR 75,000
Computer Generated Animation – 2D (CSD 134) PKR 100,000


Transport will be provided for all HU Summer Semester attendees for a nominal fee. Pick and drop points will be appointed that will run on regular timings. Transport will pick the students in the morning and drop them at the end of the day irrespective of their course timings
Transport Charges: Rs. 10,000/= for the entire course duration

Scholarships for HU Summer Semester

  • HU has limited scholarships for Summer Semester. Only students studying at undergraduate level or above are eligible to apply for scholarships. Scholarships are not available for professionals and applicants other than students.
  • HU will provide up to 50% scholarship for any course fee to the selected students only.
  • If you are a student and want to apply for a scholarship, please fill in the scholarship section present in the HU Summer Semester Application. Your scholarship request will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee of HU and you will be informed about the decisions along with your admission decision.