HU Summer Semester

The HU Summer Semester is a unique opportunity for all life-long learners with a quest for knowledge and learning to immerse themselves in a two-month long semester, starting on the 6th of June, 2016. The semester is open for current Habib University students, students from other universities and High Schools, young professionals, and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge about the world they live in. Courses in mathematics, communications and filmmaking will be offered, amongst many others. At the HU Summer Semester, there is a course for everyone.

All courses will be taught by Habib University’s accomplished faculty members, and the resources of the campus will be available to all attendees. This includes the Library, Film Studio, Gymnasium, Sports Courts, Cafeteria, and Computer, and Engineering Labs.

By enrolling in the HU Summer Semester, you will be a part of Habib University’s vibrant campus community. You will engage with academics, students and professionals from all walks of life, ensuring that your learning isn’t confined to the classroom.

All students will be provided proper credits for the courses they will successfully complete. All professionals and other participants will be awarded academic certificates for their professional resumes after the successful completion of the HU Summer Semester.