Welcoming Our Lions

Splash program

SPLASH (Summer Program for Language, Arts, Sciences And Humanities) is an initiative taken by the Office of Academic Performance. This program allows the prospective students of the upcoming batch to not only get acquainted with each other and the campus but also to experience the campus life and work load prior to joining the university.
Office of Student Life had active participation in the program throughout the two-month duration, in order to make the experience of new students easier and friendlier. Ten current HU students volunteered to make this a worthwhile experience. They organized hour long sessions every day for students to relax and basically make them more energetic for the rest of the day. These activities included service day planning, games, energizers and a phenomenal comedy theatre play organized by the DreamStage club called, ‘Short By One’.
Anusha Rehman, an Electrical Engineering major from the Class of 2021, attended the splash program and said it was a wonderful experience.

“Being part of this splash summer program has been a wonderful experience. The courses offered here were very interesting and useful as well. The literature courses for both the languages were my favorite. As, these two courses gave us the opportunity to explore different texts and discuss them in class which actually helped us in understanding different perspectives of a particular text. The University 101 course was compulsory and was indeed the most relaxing class of the day. This class actually prepared us for the roller coaster ride of university yet in such a way that instead of being nervous we actually felt confident to experience the university life. And this program also helped me in gaining new friends and knowing many people so now I’m hoping that the first official day of university will be a good experience.” -Anusha Rehman, EE 2021.

Orientation Week

Office of Student Life in collaboration with Office of Academic Performance and Orientation Leaders (Student Volunteers) conducts Orientation Week for the upcoming class. NSO’s primary goal is to provide students and their family with the information and tools they need, to explore HU’s offerings, access important resources, learn about a wide range of activities and programs, and discover what it means to be an “HU LION”.
In order to achieve the target, various activities, information sessions, lectures and workshops, are arranged for the wholesome growth of all the students who have to become a part of Habib University. The week-long orientation is a great opportunity for the students to get used to the surrounding, the campus environment and get acquainted not only with the campus facilities and various student services but also know the people you will be meeting and studying with for the next four years.
We have scavenger hunt to make student find out about the various campus spaces for example; the bank, library, various student labs and offices. Service day, sports day and diversity day are again some very important parts of the o-week which introduce students to some of the core values of the university. After the orientation week, students generally feel they know the university as well as the community better.

Week of Welcome

Welcoming students back on campus after a long break is another tradition of Habib University. Habib is home for a lot of students and they are made to feel happy and excited by this elaborate week-long welcome. From simple fruit distribution and snacks to arranging a talent show and a Qawwali night, the week of welcome has everything you could ask for. Whether it is a new HU Lion or the one who had been on campus for more than a year, the Office of Student Life at Habib University wants to give each and every one a warm welcome.
It is an opportunity for new students to get to know their seniors and for the rest of the student body in making the freshmen feel less nervous and welcome them to the family with open arms.