Student Publications


Kashf is currently the only student publication running on campus. It is a creative magazine that aims to empower and encourage the members of HU student body by providing them with a chance to display their work. A team of students gathers poetry, short stories, travelogues, critical articles and photography etc. Our team consists of editors, proof readers, writers, designers and photographers who go through all the contributions and pick only the best.
“We are just a group of students thoroughly in love with our community and aiming to make it better every day” was what Baneen Rizvi, who found the magazine along with Anis Panjwani, had to say about the reason behind starting a student-run publication.
Kashf – Issue 1 is available here.

HU Gazette

HU Gazette will be an upcoming, monthly journal which would be divided into two sections; English and Urdu. The content of this gazette will include prose, poetry, short stories, photography and other such creative work ad event reports produced by members of the student body. It is an essential part of the institute for it will represent student activities and provide relevant information and tips regarding information as well.

Senior Year Book

As a token of appreciation, love and a compilation of all the memories, we wish to create a senior year book for the graduating class of Habib University. This magazine will contain interviews, testimonials, memories, pictures and other such things for the class of 2018 to enjoy and look at later.