Student Organizations and Clubs

Araaish e Khayal Araaish e Khayal

President: Yusra Afzal

Araaish e Khayal is a student led club whose aim is to organize literary as well as entertaining events for students and faculty for the promotion of Urdu Literature and nurture young Urdu writers within the Habib Community. The club proposes to organize workshops, talks, mushaira, theatre, drama and nishists to provide students with a platform to know more and experience Urdu literature and art.
The club took off its inauguration by organizing a grand Mushaira at Habib University featuring revered and celebrated contemporary and senior poets of Pakistan. Their further initiatives include a Sound-cloud channel for Urdu poetry and Jehan e Urdu curriculum and a blog where students have the freedom to express their reflections about Urdu Adab o Shairi.

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Club Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Club

Co-Presidents: Hasnain Raza & Mehdi Hussain

Habib University’s Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Club is dedicated to educating the students regarding the field of robotics and giving them hands-on experiences. The club organizes sessions conducted by leading professionals and arranges technical workshops for the students allowing them to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Association of Scientific Progress in Research & Engineering/ASPiRE Association of Scientific Progress in Research & Engineering/ASPiRE

President: Fatima Moin

The club aims to make of Habib University a potent and foremost contributor to Pakistan’s Science and Research output by harmonizing scientific research within the university, facilitating the student body in their researches, streamlining and synchronizing research content and facilities, by disambiguation and reduction of the divide between different branches of science. The plan is to execute seminars, talks, workshops by renowned experts and mentors (from recognized institutions, at home and abroad) as well as various trainings, competitions and conferences empowering scientific progress and research.

Brain.Hack() Brain.Hack()

President: Furqan Karim

Brain.Hack() aims to promote activities related to Computer Science, to highlight and celebrate its bond with our lives, to serve the Habib community by equipping them with valuable skills and to inspire them by showcasing the far-reaching applications of Computer Science through fun field trips, competitions (not just programming)and tech talks.

Dream Stage Dream Stage

President: Junaid Saeed

Dream Stage is the Student-led club at Habib University. It aims to conduct and host theater related workshops, produce student directed performances and monologues. Moreover, to conduct regular meetings in order to develop skills in all areas of theater, such as, acting, dancing, directing, playwriting, etc.

Habib Adventure Society Habib Adventure Society

President: Atiq Khan

Engraved with the thrill of adventure, mad rush of adrenaline and an everlasting experience of a lifetime, Habib Adventure Society brings you the chance to expand your horizons within a journey through excitement – packed with the sophistication of trekking, rush of scuba diving and delight of activities such as camping, hiking and jet-skiing. Make sure you sign up.

Habib Anime Club Habib Anime Club

Moderator: Ahmed Raza

Sometimes you’re really passionate about something but you don’t know who to share it with. So we’ve built a platform where the fandoms can come together; where you can express yourself, share your passions and explore new ones.

Habib Arts Society Habib Arts Society

President: Omema Akhtar

The agenda of the society is to find the hidden creativities of the students through their art works that could be in different forms such as sketches, water painting, oil painting, origami’s, pastel arts, calligraphy, abstract arts, sculpture, graphics art, street art, doodles, acting, comedy and photography. This club not only works for the students who already have the skills but also provide skills to those who are very much eager to learn. The aim is to encourage students to participate as event organizers so that they can also learn the management skill (leadership) which is needed in every aspect of personal and professional life. Also, the club plans to have trips to art galleries, theatres and various conferences related to the agenda of the club.

Habib Feminist Collective Habib Feminist Collective

Exec: Asad Ali, Sara Liaquat, Amna Shoaib, Mahnoor Bawa

Founded in 2014, HFEM is the first ever, official Habib University student society. Following Habib University’s vision to make our campus a safe space that’s tolerant and accepting of diversity, both in identity and dialogue, we’ve been working to make feminism a fundamental Habib value. Our intent is to bridge the gap created by patriarchal institutions, within the Habib community and outside it through advocacy and awareness. HFEM engages these issues by starting channels of conversation and engaging in varied forms of activism. Feminism is often seen as a “modern,” Western ideology that is exclusionary. We seek to dispel such misconceptions and introduce postcolonial, intersectional feminist thought in the hope that members of the community not only become aware of the discrimination they may have faced, but also the various privileges they hold over others – all this in order to smash the patriarchy, of course! We’re co-creating a culture of not just tolerance and acceptance of diversity, but pluralism where a student body of diverse gender identities, sexes, sexualities, and sexual orientations, racial, religious and ethnic groups engage with one another in a healthy fashion that fosters love, consciousness, empathy and thoughtful self-cultivation.

Habib University Entrepreneurship Society (HUES) Habib University Entrepreneurship Society (HUES)

President: Muhammad Ahsan

HUES will promote the idea of Entrepreneurship in Habib University students and later on community in general, by encouraging them and providing a platform to execute their ideas. The club will be initiating entrepreneurship projects of its own in different fields of study and organizing (public) lectures, workshops, seminars, competitions, and activities related to the subject.

Habib University’s Public Speaking Club (HUPSC) Habib University’s Public Speaking Club (HUPSC)

President: Shahzaib Alam

Habib University Public Speaking Club is a student led club which focusses on channelling public speaking skills of students into extra-curricular activities such as parliamentary debates, declamations and MUNs. HUPSC’s primary focus has been do well in parliamentary debates. The club officially made its way into the debating circuit of Karachi in fall 2016 as a new team which comprised of five individuals, four out of those five had little to no experience in parliamentary debate at the time. Up till then HUPSC has taken part in renowned parliamentary debating competitions within Karachi, such as IBADC, CBMDC, BALDC and ZUDC. Habib team has won JSMUDC and has been awarded the title of ‘Most Prominent Team’ in ZUDC. HUPSC has led Habib University’s first ever Parliamentary Debate Championship (HUDC) in spring 2017 as well. Currently HUPSC is organizing Habib’s first ever MUN that will take place in October 2017. Along with this HUPSC holds weekly debate sessions in order to prepare its members for future debating championships.

Mind boggle Mind boggle

Co-President: Fatima Durrani & Syed Sameer Nadeem

Mind Boggle is a student-run board game club which currently hosts weekly Chess and Scrabble sessions. The aim of this club is to curate a healthy, board-game enthusiasm spurred environment at Habib which helps in bringing the Habib family close together. Additionally, Mind Boggle has also hosted two Scrabble and Chess tournaments to date, both of which were legen…wait for it…dary!

Moseequi Moseequi

President: Tehami Siraj

The purpose of this organization is to produce promote, perform, and hence provide a platform for all music related activities ordained and including sub categories of the club which would include charity/recording and other events, including other and all art related events such as musical nights and dance and even furthering other interests in the field of Arts. Furthermore, we wish to create an environment where musicians can grow and learn.

Raqs Raqs

President: Shafaat Khowaja

The purpose of this organization is to provide a platform for any dance related activities, to hone abilities and showcase talent. All sorts of dance forms shall be covered and given due representation under this club. Further, this club aims to break the conventional stereotypes related to dance and use dance as a form of expression to materialize social and cultural norms.

Roar – HU Performance Poetry Roar – HU Performance Poetry

Roar is Habib University’s performance poetry club that provides members a space to share original poems and perform their work as spoken word, slam, dramatic reading, regardless of language barriers. Spoken word and slam poetry are fast becoming popular in Pakistan which is why we wish to encourage poets to put their work out into the world.

SerVe Club SerVe Club

President: Sarah Ahmed

One of the tenets of the Yohsin philosophy at Habib University is to ‘serve’ our community. The SerVe club aims to direct HU students’ energy and passion for service to get the best possible results.
The club members not only carry out projects with dedication, but also design them to be sustainable and long lasting. The projects we completed so far are in the sectors of education; health; environment; charity (Sirat ul Jannah) and the wellbeing of Habib University’s domestic staff.

Society for Sustainability (SoS) Society for Sustainability (SoS)

Chair: Abdul Wadood Khan

The purpose of this organization is to encourage and assist the University administration in utilizing the available resources in a most sustainable manner while promoting environmental action and awareness within and beyond the University premises.

Sports & Recreation Club (S&RC) Sports & Recreation Club (S&RC)

President: Talha Shaheer Aitamad

The club aims to create a platform for those interested in pursuing sports and being a part of sporting events at university level by way of, but not confined to: organizing sporting events and tournaments, creating teams to represent the university, communicating with other institutions in order to coordinate with reference to tournaments in which university teams might participate and organizing team practices in accordance with Habib University’s schedule.

Women in Science & Engineering (WiSE) Women in Science & Engineering (WiSE)

Club Representative.: Ramsha Saad

WiSE will provide support to women in STEM, both in and out of the university. This organization will organize and take part in internal and external events, seminars, workshops, competitions, projects, etc. related to STEM fields and to women in STEM. This organization will focus on researching and finding statistical data that will help explain this gender gap as well as provide insight on how to improve the percentage of women in STEM.