Student Government

HU Student Council

The Habib University Student Council is a student-run organization which exists to represent student interests; to safeguard student rights, to secure an active role for students in deciding official policies and priorities; academic freedom; to guide responsibly and fund student organizations; and finally, to provide a platform for the advocacy of implicit and explicit concerns of the Habib Community.

The current executive board of Habib University’s Student Council is as follows:

Anas Masood
CS – Class of 2018, President

Shaheera Pesnani
SDP – Class of 2018, Vice President

Maisam Hyder Ali
SDP – Class of 2019, Treasurer.

Marina Shehzad
EE – Class of 2020, Secretary.

Wall of Leaders

The Executive board of 2017-2018

L-R: Maisam Hyder (Treasurer), Shaheera Pesnani (Vice President), Anas Masood (President) and Marina Shehzad (Secretary).

The Executive board of 2016-2017

L-R: Wahid Khan (President), Baneen Rizvi (Secretary), Saira Khan (Treasurer) and Hasnain Raza (Vice President).

The Executive board of 2015-2016

L-R: Hasan Naqvi (Secretary), Farwa Hussain (Vice President), Fatin Nawaz (President) and Shahzaib Zafar (Treasurer)

The Executive board of 2015-2014

L-R: Umer Khan (Vice President), Anis Panjwani (Secretary), Rehan Karim (President) and Ali Rizvi (Treasurer)

HU Student Senate

The HU Student Senate is present to ensure representation of every gender, department and program in the student government and ensure student representation. There are ten committees in the senate and certain senators have been nominated to head them. These committees exist to ensure student representation in decision making procedures.


Fatin Nawaz: The advocacy committee exists to receive student concerns forward them to the best suited groups for solutions.

Campus Spaces

Uswa Ali Memon: The campus spaces committee deals with restructuring and reimaging of spaces that are used every day.


Fariha Farooq:
The constitution committee suggests amendments in the various student-related constitutions of the university, making sure they are fair and thorough.


Kazim Rizvi: The Ethos committee is here to create and maintain the physical and metaphysical culture and atmosphere of the university.

Food & Hygiene

Mehru Basit: The food and hygiene committee addresses the issue of hygiene of areas like the washrooms and prayer areas, and food quality of vendors.


Muhammad Ali: The Finance committee is here to resolve the grievances that you have with the HU financial department.


Amin Gillani: The funding committee works for all club funding related items. They can suggest to change or improve the funding system as well.

Religious Harmony

Shanil Khowaja: The religious harmony committee works towards ensuring that religious minorities are represented and their rights protected.

Sexual Harassment

Sameer Nizamuddin: This committee shall review and make amendments in the current sexual harassment policy in order to create a safe atmosphere where acts of sexual discrimination


Abiha Batool: The sustainability committee works towards ensuring that sustainable and environmental practices are adopted by the HU community.