Experiential Learning at Habib University

Some internships & externships may receive college credits while others may not. Consult with your academic advisor BEFORE starting your internship/externship for more information.

To sum things up, internships are offered to students who are looking to pursue a career in the similar field. A lot of interns end up working for the same company.

Externships are lighter and more suitable if you are in initial years of your degree where the objective is to learn through observation.

What are the goals and benefits of the Habib University Internship/Externship Program?

These programs are very beneficial and we expect our students to make the most out of their time there.


Internships and externships offer a chance for you to network [hyperlink to the Network section under Students] with professionals. We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of networking – the wider your network, the wider your exposure to finding opportunities.

Possibility of finding a mentor

Internships might cross your path with someone who can guide you with your future steps and help you climb your career ladder.

Enhance your resume and polish your skills:

Internships and Externships fill columns of work experience and skill set, giving you an advantage over other candidates. You learn or enhance skills, for example, making Power Point Presentations, mastering Microsoft Excel, photocopying, learning how to respond to phone calls in a professional manner etc.

Explore a possible career

This is especially beneficial for internship students. An internship opportunity will help you answer questions such as whether you’re on the right path, is this what you expect from your future field of work?

Know how things work in the real world

Things are often different once you enter the corporate world. Supervisors may sometimes not have too much time to teach things from scratch, emergencies need to be tackled in a particular way, office politics have to be dealt with and so on.

There is a lot that you will learn through these programs.


Internships and Externships makes one confident. Dealing with people with hands-on experience with certain things pull you out of your shell and makes you a confident individual.

College credits, pocket money, and maybe a future job?

Another advantage internee students may receive are college credits, and if exceptional skills are demonstrated, they may even be offered a job in the same company.

How should you apply for the Habib University Internship/Externship Program?

The application process is simple. Please click the sign up form here and fill out the relevant details. Feel free to email us at life@habib.edu.pk if you have further questions.

Note: Sign up does not guarantee selection. The Office for Career Excellence reserves the right to select the students that they find most suitable for a certain program. For some internships and externships, there might be an interview before the final decision is made.