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Adventure Club Adventure Club

Besides letting us experience that mad rush of adrenaline, adventure exposes us to our planet Earth in a way that nothing else can. You can see the picture of a mountain, but only when you step on the clay and stones that make it up, and walk through the dozens of types of shrubs, flowers and trees growing on it and the little creatures crawling through it, can you truly claim to know a mountain.The Adventure Club gives you the opportunity to interact with nature on a one-on-one basis.

We have conducted trips to different areas across Pakistan in the past. Under our belt, we have trips to the Churna Island, the Tharparkar Desert, the snowy mountains of Swat-Kalam and the Gorakh Hills.

We have gone hiking, camping, snow skiing, tobogganing, snowball fighting, cliff diving, banana boating, wake tubing, jeep riding, snorkeling and jet skiing in the past two years since our inception. And we have many more exciting things planned! Join us and help us make more adventures of a lifetime!

To join the Adventure Society of Habib University, contact Hareem Salman at or Shaheera Pesnani at

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Eventos Eventos

Eventos is a Habib University Event Management Club that aims to plan and organize on and off campus events for the HU community. Eventos has worked directly under Student Life as a “Students Programming Board,” and has organized numerous successful events that enabled students and staff to socialize and create stronger bonds. Basant, Halloween, Movie Day, Annual Halwa Poori & Pajama Party are some of the finest trend setting events organized by the club that were appreciated and enjoyed by the audience. The current membership roster of the club is over a 100 students including Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen, who are divided into four subcommittees; each being supervised by the best event planners of HU, namely Saman Fatima, Shafaat Khowaja, Zohaib Ashraf, Sidra Dara, Moeen Abid, Ramsha Saad, Kulsoom Masood, Muhammad Ahsan, Ali Tejani and Tabish Azam.

For Sponsorship requests, contact:
Ali Tejani – CFO

For collaboration and other details, contact:
S. Tabish Azam – President

Habib University Public Speaking Club (HUPSC) Habib University Public Speaking Club (HUPSC)

Habib University Public Speaking Club (HUPSC) is devoted to developing and enhancing public speaking skills of our members, and the general Habib community. The best way to solve the problems of this world is to engage in constructive conversation, not just in debate or bureaucracy, but also in classrooms, scholarship and academia.

HUPSC aims to provide training, skills, and practice sessions to help the community understand rules of debate, public speaking and the methods of communication that come herewith. You can contact:

Anas Masood at
Hunza Irfan at
Rimsha Taj at
Anumtah Aijaz at

Mouseequi Mouseequi

Mouseequi, the music club of Habib University believes in the soulful essence of all types of music and strives hard to bring the Habib community together through it. The club is an avid believer in the fact that music can resonate with all kinds of people and help them express themselves in ways which may not be possible without it.

Mouseequi prides itself on holding many successful events during its short tenure, including Ghazal and Qawalli nights, regular jam sessions, and open-mic nights. Furthermore, it has a lot more exciting events planned under the guidance of its patron, Mr. Yousuf Kerai; the professor at Habib University who is a master of the Tabla. The club hopes to keep on improving and rejuvenating the student body through the art of music.

Contact Info:

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Pi Phi Society Pi Phi Society

Pi Phi Society is a Mathematics Club at Habib University founded by Kazim R. Rizvi, student of class of 2018, under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Shumail, Assistant Professor at HU’s School of Science & Engineering.

The society aims to create a community of students committed to exploring the depths of mathematics. It tries to do so by organizing hands-on activities, lectures, workshops, and competitions, such as International Pi Day, Maple Workshop, and World Mathematics Day. Since Pi Phi Society believes in universality of mathematics and how math can be applied in any field ranging from engineering to medical science, economics to philosophy, and physics to metaphysics.

Hence the members of this society are not only from science and engineering backgrounds, rather it has a variety of members from both arts and humanities and science and engineering.

Following are the office holders of this society:

Patron: Dr. Atiya H. Zaidi
Advisor: Mr. Shahbaz Ahmed Alvi
Co-Presidents: Kazim R. Rizvi and Rabeea Saleem
Secretary: Ali Haider
Treasurer: Saira Khan
Director Social Affairs: Mohammad Arhum
Director Events: Ambreen Aslam

Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:

Purple Lion Productions (PLP) Purple Lion Productions (PLP)

“One of the best ways to make yourself happy in the present is to recall happy times from the past. Photos are a great memory-prompt, and because we tend to take photos of happy occasions, they weight our memories to the good.” – Gretchen Rubin

We are the media club of Habib University. We capture photography and videos of all student club events. We have had events of our own such as Karachiscape and ADA Concert. We have a website for blogging and writing media and art related blogs. We have designed several logos of the student clubs at Habib and event posters as well. Our club aims on having creative photographers/videographers, graphic designers and bloggers; doesn’t matter of which degree they are.

Following are the office holders of this society:

President: Syed Ali Raza Rizvi
Vice President: Fizza Hussain Chughtai
Secretary: Muhammad Ali
Treasurer: Saad Sohail
Head of Blogging: Arqam Khan
Head of Film: Mahnoor Mahar
Head of Design: Muhammad Hammad Siddiqui
Head of Production: Unzila Bilal

To join Purple Lion Productions, contact Syed Ali Raza Rizvi at or Fizza Hussain Chughtai at

For more information, check out our Facebook group:

SerVe Club SerVe Club

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.” – Albert Schweitzer

SerVe Club at Habib University is a student-led body where students aim to help the community and the city at large. SerVe is an abbrevion of Service, Excellence, Respect, Volunteer and Engage, with volunteering being the core component. It shows dedication and a will to help the needy.

SerVe has conducted the following events:

  • Project Uraan
  • Blood Drives
  • Pinktober
  • Book Drives
  • Fundraiser for Chitral Earthquake victims
  • Wall of Kindness
  • Collab with Robin Hood Army

In order to contact or become a part of the club, students can reach out to the Executive Board which is as follows:

President: Arham Sarwar
Vice President: Syed Faraz Haider Zaidi
Secretary: Misha Imran
Treasurer: Ramsha Saad Thaniana
Media Coordinator: Fizza Hussain Chughtai
Project Coordinator: Shaheera Pesnani

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) Ambassadors at HU The Citizens Foundation (TCF) Ambassadors at HU

This club aims to provide assistance to TCF (The Citizens Foundation) Alumni in preparation for the entrance test and other admission processes of various universities in Karachi. TCF Ambassadors at HU has directly collaborated with The Citizens Foundation and is working under the Alumni Development Program. TCF Alumni Development Program is a voluntary initiative which aims at guiding TCF schools’ students to higher education opportunities.

Facebook Page: