Student Careers

At Habib University we aim to mould students into thoughtful graduates who are well-versed in their knowledge of workplace requirements, regardless of their career paths or interests. It falls in line with Habib University’s operation through offering them rigorous, in-depth professional experience that helps students gain a deeper insight into professional life. This is what makes the HU experience unique; we hone students in the service of their future employers, making sure they are hiring professionals regardless of their standing as “fresh graduates”.

We offer several programs that connect professionally sound and competent students with future employers, and deliver the relevant, hands-on skills they might require to become experts in their fields. They are taught marketable skills, including presentation and communication in a workplace environment, so that they are highly sought after once they leave school.

Not only this, they are given access to a network of experts having diverse professional and academic experience who help students understand the proper decorum, and expertise required to become discerning professionals. Bridging the gap between academic training and industry requirements benefits both Habib University as a pioneer in producing professionals, and the respective industries that the graduates eventually represent.