End of year message 2018

Dear Students, Faculty & Staff,

The graduation of our first batch, the Co-founders on May 5, is indeed a time for the entire Habib University family to celebrate. For me it is also a time for saying a heartfelt thank you to members of the HU Board of Governors, Board of Directors, founding faculty and staff, and the students, without whose combined efforts we would not have achieved as much as we did in the short span of four years.

The year 2018 will stand as a testament to our success; and while we bask in the glory of our accomplishments, let us not forget that with success also comes responsibility and time for reflection.

This entails reflection on what and how to improve all that we do at Habib University, and by doing so, we strengthen the University while providing our students a learning experience that prepares them for the challenges the world has to offer.

Complacency is not an option and I am confident that each one of us, in our respective capacities, will continue to embody the spirit of diversity and interdisciplinarity that lie at the core of our institution.

Wasif A. Rizvi

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