End of year message 2016

Dear Students, Faculty & Staff,

As we reach the end of 2016 and halfway into our third academic year, I would like to extend my gratitude to all of you for being part of the Habib Community. Reflecting on the detachment and indifference that is prevalent in the world today, it becomes more and more vital for us to foster ties built on diversity, both within our growing community, and the outside world.

2016 has seen the growth of the HU community in more ways than one. There has been a substantial increase in the number of our students, faculty, and staff members, all of whom bring forth a diverse mix adding to the creative and intellectual fabric of the institution. Our academic ecosystem has evolved rapidly in terms of our innovative pedagogical methods, the emulsification of our interdisciplinary experience, and the continued efforts to transcend the physical boundaries of our classrooms.

Our Study Abroad programs at Stanford Summer International Honors Program (SSIHP) and Michigan University Study Abroad, have continued to aid the intellectual growth of our students, paving the way for them to become more accomplished individuals. The HU Community has also grown to include prominent universities serving to enrich not only our understanding of global academia, but also the global academic understanding of Pakistan. Our public engagement allows us to blur the boundaries of the community, working to include and engage students, scholars and the wider community in the discussion of vital local and global issues.

Wasif A. Rizvi

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