Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness & Dean of Student Affairs (IESA)

The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Student Affairs (IESA) is to promote transformative, learner-focused, data informed programs, services and spaces that support student success and thoughtful self-cultivation across the Habib University community.


 Our value system, in keeping with Yohsin values, is to:

  • Lead by example
  • Think critically
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Embrace ethical leadership
  • Inspire intellectual curiosity
  • Empower the community


  • Foster a culture that encourages continuous improvement, critical reflection, and assessment for making informed decisions.
  • Promote a holistic learning experience, for personal and professional development, through integrated programs, services, and spaces that are reflective of best practices in higher education.
  • Provide platforms to encourage clear, collaborative and open communication across departments and stakeholders.
  • Establish sustainable and symbiotic partnerships for teaching and learning.
  • Develop seamless systems that advance academic transitions and success.
  • Provide state of the art facilities conducive to meeting diverse learning and developmental needs.