New Academic Year 2016-17

My dear co-founder, welcome to Habib University!

You are indeed a crucial partner in this remarkable game-changing journey. You are a pioneer, a co-founder, and a co-creator of Habib University. You are part of something that will never be repeated again. You are a distinguished member of the founding class of Habib University. With this distinction you will have the privilege to shape so many aspects of this institution. You will lead the charge in defining student life. You will contribute to creating codes of ethics for Habib University’s community. Your creative energy will define the unique culture and experience of our institution. I can assure you that your coming years here will be a transformative experience. You will enter as young adults, on the cusp of discovering themselves and will leave as critically conscious and intellectually astute citizens. Habib University is committed to nurturing you to be a leader in everything you undertake. Equally importantly, we hope Habib University enables you to be robustly engaged citizen; an engaged citizen who will help serve their wider community using creative and innovative methods of learning and action.

At Habib University you will have access to highly distinguished faculty, cutting edge research laboratories, and a great richness of academic and recreational resources all within one of the greatest state-of-the-art university campuses in this region. You can proudly proclaim to your family and friends that you are in a campus which is as good as any in the world. Moreover our curriculum is innovative, flexible and interdisciplinary in approach and comparable to the curricula of the great knowledge centers of the world.

At Habib University you will be an important part of a diverse student body establishing examples of tolerance and pluralism in your community. As a founding student you are a key custodian of our motto, Yohsin. A profound concept, Yohsin measures the worth of a person not only in terms of their excellence but also their creativity, passion, respect, and service they bring to society.

So welcome! Come, stay awhile. Make Habib University your home for the coming four years. You won’t find a more supportive environment anywhere else. You’ll encounter challenges you have not experienced prior, but you will be surrounded by talented, caring professors and students ready to treat you like a member of their family, to provide you with whatever you need to cultivate yourself with. I am confident that as a co-founder you will make Habib University a great institution for you and others to succeed and thrive in.

Congratulations on making such a great choice. Go HU!