Ms. Miriam Kugele

Assistant Director, President’s Communication and Community Outreach

Ms. Kugele has been working for Habib University since 2015 and currently leads external community outreach, strategy and engagement, ranging from philanthropists to academics and institutions. She previously headed the Office of Marketing & Communications, spearheading and developing all representation of the University, its vision, work and innovations to all public stakeholders as well as internally. With her team, she also executes campaigns for the strategic engagement of various audiences, which also involves building partnerships for visibility, coordinating events, and researching the larger education landscape.

Before joining Habib University, Ms. Kugele worked in various organizations of the development sector (including GIZ, UNEP, IUCN, ADB, UNU) in the climate change, environmental policy, and institutional developments areas.

Ms. Kugele holds a Master’s Degree (Distinction) in Environmental Policy from the University of Oxford, UK.