The Senior Manager of EHSAS provides individual consultations for students to develop effective and efficient academic skills and strategies to be successful as a student at Habib University.

Your Learning Style:

How do you learn best? How will this knowledge about yourself help you in the classroom? Students learn more about their strengths and weaknesses as students and are provided the opportunity to think about how they learn effectively and what they can do to create a better learning environment for themselves.

Time Management:

Classes and homework overwhelming? Students get help creating a weekly schedule including classes, study times, and other demands on their time, and they learn strategies to effectively plan and prioritize.

Reading Comprehension:

Struggling to start weekly class readings? Not understanding what you read for class? Students learn effective reading strategies through instructional conversations that guide students to ask questions and make connections between the text and other readings, their past experiences, and background knowledge.

Communication Strategies:

Unsure how to write an appropriate email to a professor? Or to an external professional organization? Get help outlining emails, get feedback based on your previous emails, and also role-play live scenarios if needed.

Writing Basics:

Assistance is based on the individual student’s needs and where they are in the writing process. If they haven’t started writing yet and have an assignment, assistance is centered on helping them understand the writing prompt, start to brainstorm and outline their essay. If they have a writing sample it includes guidance on proper punctuation, capitalization, citations, and word choice. Assistance is not limited to current assignments and in the past students have brought essays for feedback to learn more for the future.