What is EHSAS?

The Educational Help, Services and Academic Support Center was created in September 2014. ‘Ehsas’ is also an Urdu word for feeling or sense.

In keeping with our etymology, EHSAS prides itself on equipping students with a sense of confidence, a feeling of inspiration and a renewed desire for academic accomplishment. We focus on individual development within a supportive and collaborative learning space. Students drop by for one-on-one sessions with:

  • Peer Tutors: who have excelled in the modules they now mentor in
  • Writing Tutors: who cater to all students, regardless of major
  • The Senior Manager: who consults on any facet of student development, from time-management to personal growth

In addition, in keeping with our aim of facilitating a dialectic of learning, we host a number of Discussions and Workshops throughout the academic year.

EHSAS is a space where questions are encouraged and academic ambition rewarded: students from various academic backgrounds walk in daily to consult with our tutors, browse the shelves stocked with core learning materials, or simply to find a welcoming space for intellectual engagement.

Please email EHSAS.Center@habib.edu.pk with any questions.