Research Tools & Collections

HU’s Library Information Commons has a rich and diverse collection of materials, especially in terms of the breadth and depth of coverage. The collection is ideally suited to encourage and support both scholarly pursuits and practical research activities. The library has a collection of 10,000 books, renowned journals including JSTOR and the HEC digital library.

The LICS is also in the process of building course reservations and reference sections.

Technologies, services and facilities

LICS is housed on two floors with the information & learning commons on the ground floor and reference, circulation, silent and discussion/group study spaces on the first floor.

Reference services are also provided face-to-face and online.

HU’s LICS also houses a café on its ground floor, making it easily accessible throughout the year. It is an integral part of the main library building with a bright, vibrant space where HU’s learning community can relax with a cup of have coffee, fresh juices and slushies or continue working on one of the many high-tech computer terminals.

An outdoor dine-in space is also available for individual and group lunch/snacking. Dining, snacking and food items are only allowed to be consumed on the ground floor.

Seminars and Workshops

LICS also offers workshops and seminars for building essential skills for research and writing. It also organizes events and seminars to promote opportunities for interaction with notable personalities from academia and renowned literary circles.

Internships and Student Employment Opportunities

For students, LICS also offers Internship and Student Employment opportunities that include Library Ambassadorships, event organization and management, learning LICS operations, managing its Social Media, marketing and promotion of LICS and more.

Qualified and experienced professional staff is available and dedicated to provide high-quality innovative services.

Journals and Database

The HU LICS has access to the following online research databases:

If you want to know more about how to access journals and databases, contact Library staff.

E-books/Kindle Books

LICS has also subscribed to kindle books, which could be accessed through computers available on the first floor.

Newspapers and Magazines

Subscriptions of the following magazines are available in the Library Information Commons:

  1. Harvard Business Review
  2. Scientific American
  3. Discover
  4. Popular Science
  5. Architectural Digest
  6. National Geographic Magazine

The magazines are for reference purposes only and can be accessed through a shelf available in the Library Information Commons.

The following newspapers are also available:

  1. Financial Times
  2. Express Tribune
  3. Dawn
  4. Daily Express (Urdu)
  5. Daily Jang (Urdu)

Free/Open Access Resources