Interdisciplinary Development Research and Action Center (IDRAC) draws its name from the Urdu word Idrac(k) ادراک which is a polysemic word signifying the broad plurality of processes and connotations associated with “thinking”, including sensory awareness and perception, cognition, understanding, interpretation, reasoning, and meaning-making. While on the one hand IDRAC evokes superabundance and boundlessness, on the other hand, it is also evocative of human finitude and limits when it comes to accessing truth and making sense of experience. The social significance of IDRAC, as a word, stems precisely from its location at the intersection of power and limit, i.e., the power to understand reality and bring about positive change, and the realization of limitations that bind thinking, perception, cognition, and the articulations of telos.

The IDRAC Center at Habib University fosters thoughtful research and action on key development challenges facing Pakistan and the larger South Asian region. It aspires to serve as a bridge between academic scholars, policy-makers, and development practitioners so that these critical arenas of social analysis and change can come together in collaboration instead of operating in isolation. Drawing upon the multidisciplinary strengths of the Social Development and Policy faculty at Habib, the Center hosts a series of activities that strengthen existing efforts at social cohesion and sustainable development in the region, while also exemplifying the role of a university in serving society and contributing to its meaningful well-being.