Faculty Positions

Habib University is a unique endeavor into higher education, offering a transformative liberal arts education experience to its community, and affecting the larger society positively. Habib University is born of a vision to strengthen Pakistan from within, of creating tolerance, mutual respect and an appreciation for diversity. We are built on a philosophy that strives to cultivate and achieve outstanding academic performance, along with a passion for teaching and working with our students and enriching their minds. We prepare our students to contribute positively to the larger community, all the while fostering their creativity and providing them the academic freedom they need in order to explore.

The strength of Habib University lies in its well-rounded academic programs, and pedagogy that stands shoulder to shoulder with the best, internationally acclaimed institutions around the world. We harbor a brilliant group of individuals who are passionate about teaching, conducting research and fostering a stimulating learning environment for the campus community. Being forward-paced and always evolving, we are now looking to broaden our horizon and further strengthen the intellectual framework set in place at Habib University.

Habib University is welcoming faculty applications for Fall 2017. Click on the links below to read the detailed requirements for specific programs. Applicants interested in applying for Spring 2017 are also welcome to submit their applications:

School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences:

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