Following scholarships donated by our valuable donors are also part of the Distinguished YOHSIN and Habib Excellence Scholarships

  1. Dinshaw Scholarship
  2. Hashoo Scholarship
  3. Kazim Family Scholarship
  4. Sakina and Ghulam Hussain Thaver Scholarship
  5. Kulsoom and KC Ibrahim Scholarship
  6. Dr. Shaukat Haroon Scholarship
  7. Viena and Zakir Ibrahim Scholarship
  8. Cassim Family Scholarship

Habib University not only encourages excellence but also rewards high achieving students in realizing their goals of a quality higher education by offering merit based scholarships.
These are awarded on the basis of overall merit assessed at the time of admission. All scholarships are awarded irrespective of an applicant’s religious, ethnic, racial, gender or socio-economic background. All the Scholarships awarded at the time of admission are for Four years provided the students will maintain the required CGPA every semester

Types of Scholarships

Distinguished YOHSIN Scholarships

These are full scholarships available for exceptionally well-rounded and high merit students. At Habib University, being a Distinguished YOHSIN Scholar is the highest honour for incoming students.

Habib Excellence Scholarships

These scholarships are available to students who demonstrate an overall high merit and potential. These cover 60% to 80% of tuition and fee of the recipients.

Habib Merit Scholarships

These are awarded to the students who demonstrate good academic merit. These scholarships cover 35% to 50% of tuition and fee of the recipients.

How are Scholarships Determined?

The Scholarships awarded by Habib University at the time of admissions are not determined just on the basis High School Grades. Key factors that contribute in determining the eligibility of students for the Scholarship include the following

  • Grades obtained in high/higher secondary schools
  • Performance in Habib University’s Entrance Examination/SAT Scores
  • Communication skills including writing
  • Thoughtfulness about self and the society
  • Passion and initiatives taken for community service, and participation in diverse activities such as sports, poetry, performing arts, visual arts, etc.

Annual Renewal of Scholarships

All scholarships are automatically renewed each semester up to a total of four years of study, provided the conditions listed are met:

  • The student stays enrolled as a full-time student, unless the University has approved part-time enrollment;
  • The student maintains a minimum cumulative GPA (CGPA) of 3.5 for the YOHSIN scholarship, 3.0 for the Habib Excellence Scholarship and 2.75 for Habib Merit scholarships
  • The student is on good conduct standing and has not violated any conduct policy.

Maintaining the Required CGPA

We trust the capabilities of all our students and facilitate them in their academic endeavours through a variety of ways. Habib University’s writing Centre and EHSAS Centre provide remedial support to students in overcoming their academic problems. Faculty Advisor provide one-on-one guidance to students in different areas

In case students are not able to maintain the required CGPA, their scholarship swill not be withdrawn immediately. They will be provided a probationary semester to improve their performance and achieve the required CGPA.

Read Scholarship and Financial Assistance FAQs for further details

Apply for scholarships at the time of submitting your admission application.