Generous Scholarships and Financial Aid: Making Quality Education Accessible

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at Habib University offers diverse solutions to the financial constraints of our students based on both merit and need. We value each of our admitted students and offer individualized scholarships and financial aid packages as per their individual merit, need and circumstances.

The uniqueness of Habib University’s Scholarship and Financial Aid Program is its vastness to meet the need of all admitted students. It is not driven by a pre-determined and fixed number of scholarships and financial aid awards. We acknowledge the merit of all meritorious students through scholarships and provide financial support to all deserving students to meet their demonstrated financial need completely.

Choosing Habib University for your undergraduate education is a worthwhile investment in your future. Talented and hard-working students with a passion to learn can easily afford to study at Habib University benefiting from its unmatched scholarship and financial aid program.