Prospective Parents

Dear Parents

Your child is about to embark on a new journey – one fraught with tough decisions about their future and the career paths open to them. Amidst the educational challenges facing Pakistan, the lack of thoughtful counselling and guidance services available to students is

the most pressing of these issues. Young adults do not have the necessary guidance to make sensible choices for their future. We believe that parents can play an effective role in this regard. You can be a source of inspiration and support for your child, exploring new

options and meaningful opportunities together. You can also arm them with immense confidence, enabling them to make the right decision regarding their future.

The information provided at this page will facilitate you in helping your child make an informed decision regarding their higher education. You will learn about the value of an undergraduate education and the role you can play to support your child. It provides important information about Habib University’s educational model and the unique attributes that make HU one of the best undergraduate university in the region.

Looking forward to welcoming you as a Habib Lion Parent.

Yasmeen Bano
Director Admission

How We Help the Parents of Our Prospective Students

We facilitate parents in knowing more about HU and in getting the answers related to Habib University as well as questions pertaining to the education of their children. You can opt for any of the following forums available for you

Visit Habib University and Talk to Recruitment and Admission Teams

We encourage you to set up a meeting with any of the following individuals to learn more about Habib University and discuss your questions.

Yasmeen Bano
Director Admission
T: +92 21 11 10 42242 (HABIB) Extension: 4511

Mehreen Soomro
Manager Admission
T: +92 21 11 10 42242 (HABIB) Extension: 4531

Mohsin Rizvi
Head Student Recruitment and Marketing
T: +92 21 11 10 42242 (HABIB) Extension: 4551

Take a Campus Tour

We invite you to visit and explore our campus, meet our faculty and experience the culture of our ‘Yohsin’ philosophy. This visit will help you gauge the environment and level of comfort that we provide to our students, and will enable you to see our diverse student community.

Take a glimpse of our Campus online


Sign up for a Campus Tour now

Attend HU Events

Habib University organizes several Public Seminars, Open Houses, HU Experience Days etc. No entry fee is charged to attend these events. We encourage parents to attend them as they will help you experience the quality of HU learning environment and facilities and services available for the students. All of our public events are announced through our Facebook and you can register for them.

Important Information Links for Parents

Managing Finances

The key factors determining the fee of a good institute include the quality of faculty, student-teacher ratio, services and facilities provided to the students, teaching and learning methodologies used and research activities in which faculty and students are engaged. Habib University has ensured the highest quality of all factors to provide an exceptional learning environment to students. To make HU’s education accessible to all, Habib University offers unmatched Financial Aid & Scholarship Programs.

Visit our Financial Aid and Scholarship Program for more details.

All About Admissions

You can get detailed information about admission schedule, process and admission test from the link given below

Learn Abroad Program

Habib University creates several interesting learning opportunities for students to diversify their undergraduate learning experience. Learn Abroad Program is one example of it.  Under Learn Abroad Program, Habib University has established partnership with high quality international universities including Stanford University, University of Michigan and University of California. Habib University supports students in attending Summer Programs at these Universities. Read more about the Program.

World Class Faculty of Habib University

Habib University provides the Mentorship of Exceptional Faculty who have gathered a wealth of knowledge from universities like Stanford, Columbia, Oxford, Harvard, McGill etc. These qualified mentors create several opportunities for our students to go beyond classroom and get involved in research, writing and other creative endeavours.

Read more about our SSE and AHSS faculty members

Parents as Partners Booklet

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