Accommodation for Students from Outside Karachi

Habib University facilitates students in arranging off-campus residences in Karachi. The off-campus residential facility is managed by the University. Following are the terms and conditions of HU residential facility:

  1. Rooms will be shared by the students depending upon the size of the room.
  2. Rooms will be equipped with essential furniture such as a bed, cupboard, etc.
  3. Free internet access will be available.
  4. The HU facility will be a safe and secure place to live.
  5. Habib University transport will pick and drop you from the identified location near the residential facility if you choose to avail university transport as part of your fee package.
  6. You will be served breakfast as part of your accommodation package. You will be responsible for arranging/making your own lunch and dinner using the kitchen facility.
  7. A full time house master/House mistress takes care of the facility
  8. You will be required to manage your own laundry. You may use the laundry facility available in your building.
  9. Per month subsidized rent: In between Rs.15000/= to 18000/=

We are in the process of arranging HU residential facility for our upcoming class. Please fill in the following form to let us know if you plan to avail HU residential facility. Your response will help us to make timely arrangements