Students from Outside Karachi

Habib University has an all-inclusive philosophy which seeks to cater not only to students in Karachi, but also nationwide and internationally. Our students are introduced to a life of unlimited opportunities with Pakistan’s economic hub as their laboratory.

Why Karachi?

A diverse metropolis of more than 20 million people, Karachi is the financial and social hub of Pakistan. As the center of technological and entrepreneurial innovation, it is the city where dreamers come to make it big, capitalizing on the vast array of opportunities available to them. This sprawling port city is also home to a population of migrants from a myriad of backgrounds, all combined in a melting pot to make Karachi one of the most diverse cities in the world. With its world-class cuisine, beaches and local attractions, it has earned a reputation as one of the liveliest cities in Pakistan, or as it is popularly known, “the city of lights.”

Habib University is a microcosm of this blend of cultures – our Lions are not only encouraged to excel academically but are also taught to listen to differing opinions; to explore ideas that conflict with their own, all the while respecting the tremendous diversity that makes this city quintessentially Karachi.

Habib University captures within its academic walls the spirit of tolerance, entrepreneurship and risk-taking that is Karachi. It opens doors for you in the financial, industrial and non-profit sector. Explore Habib University – a campus linked to the energy of the bustling city outside its gates.

Admission Schedule for Applicants Outside Karachi

  • Applicants who reside/study in any part of Sindh other than Karachi are required to travel to Karachi for their entrance test and follow the admission schedule developed for Karachi and other parts of Sindh. Click here to see the admission schedule.
  • Applicants who reside/study outside Sindh can take our admission test in the test centers located outside Karachi. Habib University usually administers tests in Lahore and Islamabad given that the number of applicants from outside Sindh exceeds a set threshold. Click here to see the admission schedule for students residing outside Sindh. If these applicants can travel to Karachi, they are invited to take part in the Karachi-based admission cycle.
  • Applicants from outside Pakistan should contact the Office of Admission for the scheduling of their Entrance test and interviews if they are not exempted from the test. After completing the application, send an email at

Accommodation for Out of Karachi Students

Habib University facilitates students in arranging off-campus residences in Karachi. The off-campus residential facility is managed by the University. Following are the terms and conditions of HU residential facility:

  1. Rooms will be shared by the students depending upon the size of the room.
  2. Rooms will be equipped with essential furniture such as a bed, cupboard, etc.
  3. Free internet access will be available.
  4. The HU facility will be a safe and secure place to live.
  5. Habib University transport will pick and drop you from the identified location near the residential facility if you choose to avail university transport as part of your fee package.
  6. You will be served breakfast as part of your accommodation package. You will be responsible for arranging/making your own lunch and dinner using the kitchen facility provided.
  7. A full time house master/House mistress takes care of the facility
  8. You will be required to manage your own laundry. You may use the laundry facility available in your building.
  9. You need to pay per month subsidized rent of 16800/= to avail accommodation facility.

Register to Avail Residential Facility

Those applicants who have received Admission Offers for Fall 2017, please click here to register yourself to avail HU residential facility.

Click here to see the Pictures of current residential facility.