Integrated Sciences and Mathematics (iSciM)

iSciM is an endeavor of the School of Science and Engineering (SSE) at Habib University to enrich the student experience by offering diverse courses in Natural Sciences and Mathematics. iSciM enables students from all disciplines at HU to get a greater exposure towards various scientific disciplines that prepare them to understand and participate in key issues including global warming, energy, environmental issues, and health.

Currently the program offers Minors in Physics and Mathematics.

Educational Objectives

The program aims to develop:

  • the appreciation of the unique role of natural sciences and mathematics in the evolution of human thought
  • an understanding of systems and their mutual interactions in contrast to mere content based information
  • an appreciation of the ability of mathematics to explain the beauty of nature
  • the confidence to apply acquired knowledge of natural sciences and mathematics in various disciplines that may involve cross-disciplinary research and open-ended projects
  • a hands on approach to scientific problem solving

Student Outcomes

Through iSciM, based on course selection, the students:

  • develop a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Energy and Mathematics
  • design and conduct experiments from various science disciplines
  • develop skills in data analysis via the usage of multiple software tools
  • develop a strong grasp on scientific writing
  • develop the ability to understand current research in various fields of science