The Habib Core

Habib University’s flagship three-year Liberal Core curriculum, which represents the heart of our institutional identity, seeks to fulfill the principle of Yohsin: “The worth of all humans is in the measure of their thoughtful self-cultivation.”

The principle of Yohsin tells us that the cultivation of a beautiful, thoughtful self that shines with the light of care, knowledge and universality is, in fact, an ancient and universal aspiration. Humanities and the humanistic spirit – which are all about excellence, grace, generosity, knowledge and universality – proliferate across the life and legacy of all cultures.

As they metamorphose into adults, professionals and beyond, our Liberal Core prompts students to knowledgably reflect on a wide swathe of the most salient and critical aspects of their experience in the world they have inherited.

The Core curriculum turns to a recurring multidisciplinary engagement with the history, features and structures of the modern period and world, drawing on powerful, modern texts and artifacts from across a range of media, and cutting across the arts, humanities and social sciences.

What is the Habib Core? Why is there a compulsory Habib Core?

From nationalism and the nation-state, to colonialism, war and the global political economy; from the growth of modern media, to science and technology in their relationship to society – our Liberal Core is centrally committed to a rigorous analysis and understanding of modernity in all its complexity. An encompassing historical understanding is essential to the classic liberal education – our core curriculum has been designed to provide this with a critical, modern edge.

What makes Habib University’s Liberal Core even more unique is its simultaneous emphasis on both Western and regional humanities and knowledge. It is designed to instill in students an appreciation of their own context and cultures of thought – a grounded sense of their own self-worth and potential – and to do so in a spirit of global relation and expansive universality.

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