Divisions of Knowledge

The Habib Liberal Core touches upon the classical model of Liberal Arts education, spanning its deeply rooted pursuit of humanistic education like history, linguistics, philosophy, mathematics and science. The curricula is made up of aspirations of the classical model itself, while keeping its divisional requirements intact. It does this through a course structure that is as varied as it is grounded in liberal arts core history.

The University wishes to provide a thorough and well-rounded education for its students, especially those pursuing higher education. It is the mission of any Liberal Arts university that students become fully articulate and conscious of the wondrous methods, practices and outcomes of mathematical and scientific inquiry. Habib University covers this through the core course titled “Scientific Methods”, which aims to explore said procedures and practices of a varied field of study, including biology, chemistry and physics. Students from the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) systematically analyze and form a thorough understanding of the essentials of modern science, in the same way that their batch-mates from the School of Science and Engineering (SSE) learn about the approaches and theories of the humanities and social sciences through the Liberal Core. This exchange of knowledge provides students will an informed understanding of principles from both disciplines that they can apply to their professional practice.

While technological advancements have greatly simplified the concept of communication, the art of oral communication is gradually being overlooked. There are hundreds of ways to communicate, collaborate on projects, bring on new resources through swift responses, but to do all that orally is not as readily considered. This is why the Habib Liberal Core instills a deep respect for linguistics and rhetoric in its students from the beginning, starting from a language requirement of Urdu and Punjabi rhetoric. Students undertake the course titled ‘Jehan-e-Urdu” (The World of Urdu) during their Liberal Core – a pedagogically-dynamic seminar that will build as well as advance the student’s appreciation and knowledge of Urdu through engagement with powerful, primarily modern texts of prose and poetry. This ties in well with the Liberal Core’s intention of preparing and honing students in the art of oral communication and rhetoric in Pakistan, leading to a deep appreciation for its cultural significance, its rich history in the subcontinent and the ever-evolving nature and impact of language in modern times.

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