Creating a Liberal Experience

Liberal arts education has often been termed as being solitarily beneficial to only certain fields of education. However, it is statistically proven that a student’s liberal arts experience has a positive effect on their future endeavors, be they career-related or personal growth. It is due to this belief that many successful institutions around the world make sure their core program includes characteristics of classical liberal arts models. Habib University chose the liberal arts and sciences model of education as it truly believes in fulfilling its commitment to developing the leadership potential of its students. Whatever major our students choose, our innovative, path-breaking, three-year liberal core curriculum will help awaken the leader within them. Habib University’s liberal curriculum is designed to rouse our students’ curiosity, their confidence and creativity, their range of critical thinking, their sociable skill and thoughtfulness. Through the liberal core, students are able to examine life and the myriad opportunities it provides through multiple standpoints; they can combine various streams of knowledge without losing perspective and present their findings in clear, elegant and well-researched arguments. A liberal arts program gives rise to an individual’s ability to make informed decisions, to be able to see a viewpoint through many angles, and to adapt, communicate and lead with grace in a rapidly changing economy and world, which is why Habib University has adapted it fully into its 4 year curriculum. Through the Liberal Core program, students will be given the resources and opportunity to explore the past, present and possible futures of humanity, even going so far as to help design these futures themselves. The Habib promise to students remains that by the time they graduate, they will have the necessary comprehensive knowledge, skills, expertise, sensibility and experience needed to excel in the world they inhabit today.