Habib University has a very specific and focused mission, that is, to provide academic excellence, independent thought and interdisciplinary learning that will result in a graduate directory full of exceptional students. The university’s academic infrastructure is designed to guarantee that these goals are achieved, while safeguarding the next decade of progress, closely linked with our vision for the future.

The purpose of interdisciplinary education is to break down the walls between varying disciplines, and to inspire the endeavor of teaching and research into two or more disciplines. This helps broaden students’ perspectives while introducing them to new ways of thinking.

The Habib vision was created keeping in mind goals and strategies of the academic programs, to ensure they are in support of Habib’s extraordinary disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs. Through a comprehensive interdisciplinary Liberal Core Curriculum, Habib students discover and unravel a plethora of topics ranging from the humanities, arts, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering.

The HU experience has been designed to compete with some of the best liberal arts and sciences universities in the world, with extensive research put into the choosing of each course and the role it plays in the fulfilment of the overall vision for the program. Besides this, a highly accomplished, friendly and approachable faculty makes up the Habib academics set-up.

The goal is to guarantee our graduates can contribute in vastly different ways to their state, the nation, and consequently, the world, being well-rounded academically and otherwise. Habib University is committed to producing the leaders of the future, rather than mere observers, and it is on its way to do this through exceptional attention to detail in its academic programs.