Dr. Charles Timothy Spracklen

Professor of Physics
School of Science & Engineering

Professor of Physics
School of Science & Engineering
Email: tim.spracklen@habib.edu.pk

Dr. Spracklen possesses over four decades of teaching, administrative and consultancy experience in academia and various international non-profits and government organizations. Deeply passionate about the creation of new knowledge, he believes a robust research environment is a driver for innovation and creativity at any university.

Before joining Habib University, Dr. Spracklen taught and headed Electronics in the Department of Engineering at Aberdeen University in northern Scotland. He was instrumental in establishing the Electronics Department and Electronics Research Group within Aberdeen’s Department of Engineering.

During the course of his diverse career, Dr. Spracklen has consulted with organizations and ministries around the world, including, but not limited to: the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization, United Nations; Defense Threat Reduction Agency, US Department of Defense; Ministry of Telecommunications, China; Air Weapons Complex, Pakistan; and the Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka.

Dr. Spracklen has produced over 120 academic and technical publications in electronic journals, and holds three patents in communications and related fields. He is a conference reviewer and conference chair for IEEE and IET, and has supervised over 50 research postgraduates and fellows.


  • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Leicester, UK
  • Ph.D. Ionospheric Physics, University of Leicester, UK
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Physics, University of Manchester, UK

Research Interests

  • Adaptive modulation and forward error correction strategies for future mobile telephone networks
  • Hardware compilation algorithms and strategies
  • Hardware neural networks

Previous Courses Taught

  • Digital Communications
  • Software Engineering and Computer Architecture
  • Artificial Intelligence

Awards and Honors

  • Fellow of the Institute of Physics
  • Chartered Physicist

Selected Publications

  • Jones, T.B.; Spracklen, C.T.; ‘Ionospheric Effects of the Flixborough Explosion’, Nature, 1974, 250, No. 5469, pp. 719-720.
  • European Patent Number PCT/GB2006050237, Spracklen, C.T.; “Wireless Communication System and Method”, Date of Filing 11-08-06, Date of granting 17-03-08.
  • “Advanced data communications for downhole data logging and control applications in the oil industry”, First International Conference on Sensing for Industry, Control, Communications & Security Techonologies, June 24th-26th 2013, Karachi, Pakistan.
  • “5G Mobile Data – Towards 1GB/s”, Invited Speaker, ‘The Next Wave in Telecommunications’, 6th 2013 Telecommunication, 6th Pakistan 2013 Telecommunication Conference, June 13th 2013.