Dr. Markus Heidingsfelder

Assistant Professor, Communication Studies and Design
School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Email: markus.heidingsfelder@ahss.habib.edu.pk

Dr. Heidingsfelder’s  academic training provides a strong indication of his enduring interest in studying emerging forms of communication media with respect to their broader function and performance in society. While he was still a graduate student, Dr. Heidingsfelder achieved wide recognition for his research on popular culture. He published a path breaking study of “popular music as a social system” with one of Germany’s most respected theorists of communication, Prof. Dr. Peter Fuchs. This work applied Niklas Luhmann’s influential, highly abstract theory of society as communication to the immediately familiar phenomenon of pop music. His dissertation System Pop (Kadmos Publishers 2012) further developed the same theme. He finished his doctoral degree in Literary and Media Studies in 2009, receiving formal honors from one of Germany’s officially recognized elite universities, the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. He attained his master’s degree from the University of Cologne in 2000. In the same year, he began teaching courses at the prestigious German School of Journalism. He also held appointments at Free University Berlin, Hafen City University Hamburg, and Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich.

Dr. Heidingsfelder’s work is interdisciplinary in scope, situated at the nexus of communication theory, sociology, and cultural studies. His teaching and scholarship efforts have been so fruitful because of his ability to successfully combine academic work with his professional experience in the media industries. He served as Senior Producer at MTV Central (1999-2003) and was Editor-in-Chief for Viva Television (1993-1998). He produced radio and television features and published articles in Rolling Stone Magazine, Spex, Germany’s magazine for popular culture, and major daily newspapers like Die Zeit and Die Welt. When it comes to teaching students about architecture as communication, one of his research specialties, Dr. Heidingsfelder can point to his own critically acclaimed feature documentary film, Rem Koolhaas: A Kind of Architect. When he lectures about cultural revolutions in television programming, he reveals what it was like to bring MTV to the German viewing audience.

Dr. Heidingsfelder joined Habib University in March 2014 to direct the production of a state-of-the-art curriculum for the program.

He is one of the founding members of Habib’s Center for Media & Design.


– Ph.D. in Literature and Media Studies, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany
– M.A. in Theater, Film & Television Studies, University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany

Selected Publications


– Heidingsfelder, Markus (2012): System Pop. Berlin: Kadmos. Review

– Fuchs, Peter / Heidingsfelder, Markus (2005): Das Gehirn ist genauso doof wie die Milz. Weilerswist: Velbrueck

Selected Papers

– Heidingsfelder, Markus (2016): “Retrology: Addicted to the Future” (2016). In: Society and Culture in South-Asia, Vol. 2, Issue 2: 189-203. View PDF

– Heidingsfelder, Markus (2014): “Catastrophe Films. On the Iconicity of Moving Signs”. In: Bernd Scheffer, Christine Stenzer, Peter Weibel, Soenke Zehle (eds.). Typemotion. Type as Image in Motion. Translation: Steven Lindberg. Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz, pp. 60–62. View PDF

– Heidingsfelder, Markus (2014): „Emotive Literalitaet. Zum Medium des Schriftfilms.” In: Bernd Scheffer, Christine Stenzer, Peter Weibel, Soenke Zehle (Hrsg.). Schriftfilme. Schrift als Bild in Bewegung. Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz, p. 60-62.

– Heidingsfelder, Markus (2014): „Built on Shifting Sands – Architektur als Kommunikation“. In: Susanne Hauser, Claus Dreyer (eds.). Das Konkrete und die Architektur. Berlin: Spurbuch, p. 113-122.

– Heidingsfelder, Markus (2011): „Aehnlichkeit ist sich freund. Weisen der Kopplung von Psyche und Musik“. In: Semiotik und Systemtheorie, edited by Franz Kasper Kroenig. Zeitschrift fuer Semiotik #34, p. 25-36. English abstract

– Heidingsfelder, Markus (2011): „Pop als System“ (Pop as a Social System), in:Kommunikationen im Populären. Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven auf ein ganzheitliches Phänomen, edited by Roger Lüdeke. Bielefeld: Transcript, p. 153-172.

– Fuchs, Peter / Heidingsfelder, Markus (2004): “Music No Music Music – Zur Unhoerbarkeit von Pop”. In: Soziale Systeme #10, p. 292-324. English abstract

Collected editions

Lehmann, Maren / Heidingsfelder, Markus / Maaß, Olaf (2015): Umschrift. Grenzgänge der Systemtheorie. Weilerswist, Velbrueck Wissenschaft.




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