Dr. Haider Nizamani

Visiting Faculty, Social Development and Policy
School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Nizamani is joining Habib University with the intention of fostering critical and interdisciplinary thinking among students. He enjoys instilling love for critical learning amongst students for the subjects/courses that he teaches by creating an enabling atmosphere in the classroom where students feel empowered not only to understand the world they are studying but capable of changing it by their actions. Dr. Nizamani brings to Habib University years of experience of teaching wide-range of courses at Canadian and Pakistani universities. Teaching courses on South Asia, International Studies, Security Studies, Comparative Politics, and Development Studies have convinced him that rather than privileging one theoretical lens over other perspectives, students ought to be alerted to interconnectedness of problems that are best analyzed by employing multiple conceptual tools.


  • Ph.D. in Political Science, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
  • M.A. in International Relations, University of Kent, Canterbury, England
  • M.Sc. in International Relations, Quaid-I- Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan

Research Interests

  • International Relations Theory
  • International Studies
  • Security Studies
  • Political Sociology of Modern South Asia
  • Politics of Development
  • Literature and Politics in Contemporary non-Western World

Selected Publications

  • The Roots of Rhetoric: Politics of Nuclear Weapons in India and Pakistan (Praeger).
  • “Pakistan’s Atomic Publics: Survey Results,” in Itty Abraham, ed., South Asian Cultures of the Bomb: Atomic Publics and the State in India and Pakistan (Indiana University Press, 2009)
  • “Our Region Their Theories: A Case for Critical Security Studies in South Asia,” in Navnita Chada Behera, ed., International Relations in South Asia: Search for an Alternative Paradigm (Sage Publications, 2008)